CoasterDynamix Brick Rollercoaster Kit Kickstarter Launched!

Working LEGO® Compatible Roller Coaster Construction Toy for All Ages: The first brick-based roller coaster of its kind.


ELKTON, VA September 2, 2016 The team behind CoasterDynamix has created the first brick based, roller coaster construction toy of its kind, the Cyclone. Compatible with the world’s leading brick system, LEGO, the Cyclone combines versatility, realism, and excitement with the force of gravity, just like a real roller coaster. Construction is easy and requires no extra pieces or complicated tools, just take two pieces and snap them together like any traditional brick system. With the Cyclone, the possibilities are endless.

pic 2

The Cyclone kit includes over 1000 individual pieces, all of which can be used interchangeably for a customizable and fully functioning roller coaster system. Available in the kit are the standard and custom bricks, lift chain, gears, hand crank, track, train, and instructions to build the basic Cyclone design. Measuring four feet long, the miniature roller coaster system is easy to assemble and reconfigure. Expansion is part of the fun, combining more than one Cyclone kit will keep the user engaged and challenged.


“I remember being three or four years old, and I would be playing with my building blocks. I would build tunnels and I would build bridges. Anything that I saw in the real world I wanted to create with my blocks, and all my life, I’ve wanted to build a rollercoaster. Later in life, I knew people that could do some manufacturing, and I met my current business partner Mike [Graham] who had built some roller coaster models. Together, we created the miniature roller coaster system to be Lego compatible, and it was the first of its kind when we first introduced it” says President of CoasterDynamix , Jack Rimer.


The Cyclone is the first commercially available brick compatible roller coaster construction toy on the market . Based around the track and train system developed in 2004, entrepreneur, Rimer and roller coaster engineer, Graham worked for over 12 years to perfect the Cyclone. With a shared love for roller coasters and all things miniature, the team wanted to design a toy that all users from beginners to LEGO enthusiasts’ would appreciate. With experience in building custom models for amusement parks, roller coaster companies, and individual clients, the team at CoasterDynamix is poised to enter the toy market in a big way.


motorWith LEGO Power Functions® motor and battery pack added (not included).

With designs finalized, and trusted manufacturers chosen, the Cyclone is ready for production. Rimer will launch a Kickstarter campaign, live on September 6th, 2016, with special rewards ranging from blueprints of the finalized model to super early bird specials on the Cyclone kits with shipping available worldwide.


Racing coaster with two tracks.


Here’s some information on the parts that are being produced by CoasterDynamix:

special parts

There are 1×4, 1×6 and 1×8 plates with radius edges to allow builders to make curves without interference. There are also supports that are 6 studs wide and 9 plates (3 bricks) and 18 plates (6 bricks) in height. These parts allow new options for buildings, as seen below:

turn render

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