BrickJournal 55 is out NOW!

Issue 55 is out NOW at Barnes and Noble and online, so here’s a list of articles:

  • Bryan Benson talks about his Kermorvan Lighthouse
  • Felix Jaensch is interviewed about his animal builds
  • Amado Canlas Pinlac talks about his flower MOCs and gives instructions for building a Yellow Coreopsis
  • The Brothers Brick writer Dave Schefcik shows off his Canadian Winter Village
  • We get to meet Jacob Sadovich, who designed the LEGO IDEAS Ship in a Bottle set
  • Steve Peterson writes about his Star Wars builds and his LEGO Star Wars Fans group
  • Alex de Jong shows how he built Tinkerbell
  • Tommy Williamson makes a Fishing Bear you can build
  • Christopher Deck has a Nu-Class Attack Shuttle you can build
  • Jared Burks shows how he made custom Boxtroll minifigures
  • Overseas, Giancinto Consiglio shows his cathedral
  • A group of French technic builders built a Great Crane Contraption with 22 Technic cranes
  • Matthew Hocker gives us a quick history lesson with the LEGO Company
  • Steve Guiness shows us how to build the classic LEGO duck – in wood!
  • Kevin Hinkle closes the magazine with a Bricks in the Middle comic!

80 pages of information and inspiration for LEGO fans old and new!

You can get BrickJournal 55 at Barnes and Noble, Diamond Comics Distributors (if you buy comics) and order from this link or from Amazon:

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