Scratch and Dent Magazine Sale!

We just found a few remaining PRINT copies of these SOLD-OUT items. All are fully readable, but may have dinged corners, minor scuffs on covers, etc. So this is your LAST CHANCE to scoop them up, all at 50% OFF cover price! (A Digital Edition is NOT included, and all are sold AS-IS.)

Issue 2 celebrates Summer 2008 by spotlighting blockbuster summer movies, LEGO style! The LEGO Group will be releasing new sets for Batman and Indiana Jones, and BrickJournal looks behind the scenes at their creation! There’s also articles on events in the US and Europe, and spotlights on new models, including an SR-71 spyplane and a LEGO constructed city. For builders, there are instructions and minifigure customizations. Plus, there’s a feature on the online LEGO Factory, showing how an online model becomes a custom set, as well as a look at how the LEGO Group monitors its quality.

You can order BrickJournal 2 here.

issue 4 features interviews with top LEGO builders including Breann Sledge (Bionicle builder), Event Reports from LEGO gatherings like BrickFair 2008 (Washington, DC) and Brickcon 2008 (Seattle, Washington), plus reports on new MINDSTORMS projects, a report on the construction of the Chinese Olympic Village in LEGO, step-by-step building instructions and techniques for all skill levels, new set reviews, and more!

You can order BrickJournal 4 here.


In Issue 8, BrickJournal goes to the Middle Ages, with a special look at the Castle Line from the LEGO Group, featuring an in-depth interview with the designer behind the first LEGO castle set, the Yellow Castle. Also: we talk with some builders that have created their own large-scale version of the castle! There are also interviews with other castle builders, and more surprises, along with a report from BrickFair 2009 in Washington, D.C.!

You can order BrickJournal 8 here.


BrickJournal #14 takes you into the world of stop-motion LEGO films, with articles from brickfilmer David Pagano and others spotlighting LEGO filmmaking, including: a look at the history of the medium and its community, interviews with the makers of the films seen on the LEGO Club show and on, and instructions on how to film and build puppets for brick flicks!

You can order BrickJournal 14 here.


BrickJournal #16 continues our fan theme features, this time focusing on Steampunk! Feature editor Guy Himber will give you a tour of the them with a look at his work, as well as Dave DeGobbi, Nathan Proudlove, and others! There’s also a look at the history of LEGO Steampunk building, as well as instructions for a Steampunk plane by Rod Gillies!

You can order BrickJournal 16 here.


BrickJournal Compendium, Volume Two, compiles issues #4-5 of the acclaimed online magazine for LEGO enthusiasts of all ages—for the first time in printed form! This FULL-COLOR book spotlights all aspects of the LEGO Community through interviews with: Mike Wilder (about using a Mindstorms robot to film a 3-D documentary) and Mark Larson (creator of the Fabuland Housewifes online comic strip), Alban Nanty on his Lego-based Star Wars® film, plus features on Lego character sculptures, tutorials on LCad software for creating projects, an examination of Legoland’s history, behind the scenes at a Lego factory, building big with Legos (from castles and rollercoasters to ships and skyscrapers), creating custom minifigures, instructions and building techniques, and more!

You can order BrickJournal Compendium 2 here.




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