Brick Mini Chess Campaign Launches on Kickstarter


Size comparison of chess pieces to plate heights

Introducing Brick Mini Chess, an Add-on for LEGO minifigures and more!

Chicago, Illinois, June 13, 2019 —Brick Mini Chess, launching today on Kickstarter, is the first in a line of LEGO®-compatible products being brought to market by the company Brick Mini. Regal enough for an office display piece, as well as engaging for the brightest of growing minds, Brick Mini Chess sets are perfect for kids of all ages. 

Owner and product developer at Brick Mini, Matt Asanuma, admits to being a big kid himself and says that designing these chess pieces has been a labor of love. While these chess pieces are beautiful and classic in their own right, they lend themselves seamlessly to being part of something greater. Each piece underwent multiple CAD design and physical prototype iterations to ensure it would not only fit in aesthetically, but would function well with other bricks. The resulting shapes are perfectly suited for adding small details to any build, be it architecture, sci-fi, and a host of other creative ventures.

The Brick Mini Chess Kickstarter Campaign ( will run between June 13th till July 15th and will launch with six LEGO®-compatible colors: black, white, dark bluish-gray, light bluish-gray, reddish brown, and tan. An assortment of chess board building kits (using authentic LEGO parts) are available as add-ons and a variety of reward tiers are available for any budget. For those interested in backing, discounted “early-bird” rewards are also offered in limited quantities. 

The level of design, attention to detail, and quality control ensure that Brick Mini Chess sets would be perfect for any serious LEGO-lover’s consideration.

Founded in 2019, Brick Mini is a company devoted to providing LEGO-compatible items for minifigures and enhancing the build experience. For more information, you can email Matt Asanuma at You also have an opportunity to see these at Brickworld Chicago 2019, happening June 13-16. – for information attending Brickworld, you can go to

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