LEGO® Treehouse Blooming with Sustainable Bricks!

Since the LEGO Group launched its first bricks made of plant-based polyethylene last year, the sustainable bricks have increasingly been included in new LEGO sets. The Treehouse contains the highest number of sustainable bricks ever in a LEGO set and is another important step to fulfill the LEGO Group’s sustainability ambitions. 

[23rd July 2019] A gathering point for family and friends. A secret hideout. A fortress. A sleepover. 

LEGO fans can now immerse themselves in the intricately detailed LEGO IDEAS Treehouse. A challenging build, the exclusive set, made up of more than 3000 elements, is one of the largest LEGO IDEAS sets to date. 

The Treehouse is packed with play-inspiring features and comes with a landscape base and removable treetop to reveal three detailed cabins. A special feature of the set is that all 185 plants and leaves are made from sustainable materials sourced from sugarcane. This includes the treetop canopy, which has interchangeable sets of green summer leaf elements and yellow and brown fall leaf elements. 

Tim Brooks, Vice President, Environmental Responsibility,
the LEGO Group, said: 

“When I first saw the model, I was blown away. Not only because it looks amazing, but also because it connects strongly to the very reason, we are investing so much time and effort in identifying new and sustainable materials, which is to preserve natural resources and fulfill our planet promise. It really is an important step in our ambitious target of making all LEGO elements from sustainable materials.” 

During 2018, the LEGO Group began making botanical elements, including trees, leaves and bushes, from plant-based polyethylene using sustainably sourced sugarcane. Children and parents will not notice any difference in the quality, durability or appearance of the new elements, because plant-based polyethylene has the same properties as conventional polyethylene. These elements represent the first milestone in the LEGO Group’s ambitious commitment to making products using sustainable materials by 2030. 

The Treehouse is an example of how the LEGO Group uses co-creation to foster innovation, as the original idea was submitted through the LEGO IDEAS platform, where LEGO fans can upload their creative builds. Users then have a chance to review and support the model and, given sufficient support, the build can end up as a certified LEGO set with the help of LEGO master designers. In this case, the model was submitted by fan designer Kevin Feeser from Nancy, France. Kevin’s motivation for creating a treehouse stems in particular from his passion for the great outdoors combined with pretty sophisticated LEGO building skills. 

The LEGO IDEAS Treehouse model is available directly from LEGO Retail Stores and exclusively for LEGO VIP members beginning July 24, 2019, with general public availability beginning August 1, 2019. 

Fans can submit their own LEGO set ideas at

 21318 LEGO® Ideas Tree House 

Ages 16+. 3036 pieces
US $199.99 – CA $269.99 – DE €199.99 – UK £179.99 – FR €199.99 – DK 1799DKK
*Euro pricing varies by country. Please visit for regional pricing. 

Detailed Tree House Model to Challenge LEGO® Builders and Inspire Endless Play! 

Build, display and play with this intricately detailed, 3,036-piece LEGO® Ideas 21318 Tree House playset. A complex build for experienced LEGO builders that all the family will love to play with, it features a landscape base and 3 LEGO tree house cabins—a main bedroom, bathroom and kids’ room. The tree has interchangeable sets of green summer leaf elements and yellow and brown fall leaf elements—these and various plant elements on the base are all made from sustainable-plant-based polyethylene plastic—and the treetop and cabin roofs are removable to allow easy access. The model is packed with play-inspiring features including a buildable picnic table and seats, swing, bonfire, treasure map and hidden gem element to play out a treasure hunt, and a wind-up crane on the balcony of the bedroom cabin. A great birthday gift, this unique creative toy comes with mom, dad and kids minifigures, plus a bird figure, to role-play fun family scenes. It also includes a booklet with building instructions and information about this LEGO Ideas set’s fan creator and LEGO designer. 

  • This LEGO® Ideas set includes 4 minifigures: mom, dad and 2 children, plus a bird figure. 
  • This challenging, 3,036-piece building toy features a landscape base, tree with interchangeable sets of green (summer) leaves and yellow and brown (fall) leaves, and a LEGO® Tree House with 3 cabins—main bedroom, bathroom and kids’ room. 
  • The treetop and cabin roofs are removable for easy access and play. 
  • Landscape base features a buildable picnic table with 4 minifigure seats and assorted elements to create a picnic, plus a buildable stream, swing (hanging from the tree), bonfire, hidden gem element, plant and bush elements, and a ladder to the cabins. 
  • Tree foliage features over 180 botanical elements made from plant-based polyethylene plastic using sustainably sourced sugarcane. Assorted plant elements around the tree are also made from this plant-based plastic. This is the first milestone in LEGO® Group’s ambitious commitment to make products using sustainable materials by 2030. 
  • Main bedroom cabin features a buildable bed, and assorted elements including hidden scissors (as a reference to the fan creator’s day job as a hairdresser), ship in a bottle, compass, clock plus a balcony with a hand-operated, wind-up crane to lift items up to the cabin. 
  • Bathroom features a buildable bathtub, toilet and sink. 
  • Kids’ room features bunk beds and assorted elements such as a book and treasure map. 
  • This LEGO® Ideas creative toy comes with a booklet with building instructions and information about this awesome set’s fan creator and LEGO designer. 
  • Measures over 14” (37cm) high, 10” (27cm) wide and 9” (24cm) deep. 

Available directly from LEGO Stores & August 1, 2019
(July 24, 2019 for LEGO VIP) 

US Contact Center 1-800-453-4652
CA (English) Contact Center 1-800-453-4652
CA (French) Contact Center 1-877-518-5346
European Contact Center 00-800-5346-1111 

FACTS: The LEGO® IDEAS Treehouse & LEGO Group sustainable materials mission 

LEGO IDEAS Treehouse 

  • The LEGO Ideas Treehouse celebrates Kevin Feeser’s design for its endless creativity that its unique to the LEGO System in Play and its embodiment of the LEGO Group’s sustainable materials challenge. 
  • All 185 leaves and plants in the treehouse are made from plant-based plastic – the largest number of plant-based elements in a LEGO set so far. 
  • A list of the elements made from plant-based plastic is included on the top of the packaging. 

The LEGO Group’s sustainable materials mission 

  • The LEGO Group is on a mission to make all LEGO bricks sustainably by 2030. 
  • For the LEGO Group, a sustainable material must have a reduced environmental footprint, be produced responsibly using renewable resources, and meet our high standards for safety, quality and durability. 
  • High standards for sustainability, safety, quality and durability mean that there are no simple replacement materials on the market, and the LEGO Group is working with suppliers, research institutions and other industries to develop new materials to be used in the LEGO bricks of the future. 
  • The LEGO Group has an ambition to find sustainable packaging alternatives by 2025 that are renewable, efficient and recyclable. 

LEGO elements made from plants 

  • All the trees, leaves and bushes and many of other elements in our LEGO sets, more than 80 types, are now made from green polyethylene, which is made from ethanol produced from sustainably sourced sugarcane. 
  • The sugarcane is grown in Brazil, is sourced responsibly and does not compromise food security. 
  • Polyethylene is just one of many materials used in LEGO elements, and the LEGO Group expects the materials of the future will be made from both plant-based and recycled sources.
  • Customers can expect the same high quality of our plant-based elements. The elements do not biodegrade…because we want to make safe, functional and durable products that can be played with for generations. 

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