Book Review: The LEGO Star Wars Visual Dictionary

LEGO Star Wars Visual Dictionary
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The LEGO Star Wars Visual Dictionary was recently updated and enhanced with 16 more pages – an indicator of the growth that the LEGO theme has experienced in the five years since the previous edition of the book. This book also celebrates the 20th anniversary of LEGO Star Wars in a grand manner.
There have been a large amount of updates and additions to all parts of the book, from the timeline to the new minifigure included with the book, who is in a bacta suit from Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Two movies were released since between the two latest editions, so much was added to the Star Wars and Star Wars LEGO universe.
The book is a reader-friendly overview of the movies and the LEGO theme, broken into 5 chapters. The first three cover the movies, from the prequels up to the last movie released, Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Within these chapters, characters and vehicles are shown from sets (sets are not listed except as data boxes, so those looking for a complete set listing will be disappointed)
The fourth chapter spotlights sets that don’t fit in with the movies in one way or another – from Legends sets to TECHNIC sets to Ultimate Collector sets. Chapter 5 goes behind the scenes to see how the LEGO Star Wars sets are designed. Exclusive promotional sets and fan builds are also featured.
Each chapter has a lot of information and fun trivia to read through. Each photograph is essentially a product photo, so they are hard to beat in clarity and detail. The information draws on both movie or media information and set information, so there will be cases where the LEGO set may have something the movie prop or vehicle hasn’t! However, the sets shown are the more recent releases – the first generation of sets released in 1999 is only shown in the timeline, and only one photo from a set made in 1999 is featured.

Overall, the LEGO Star Wars Visual Dictionary is a good starter reference for the newer LEGO collector. Clear photos of the sets and minifigs shown make the book a nice addition to any LEGO fan library!

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