BrickJournal Review: Brick Case Display Cases

The Brick Case Display Cases
(LEGO Architecture United States Capitol Building Display Case)
$118.00, available at Other sizes are available as well.

Something that was brought up at a LEGO fan display I went to was the issue of space. As events get larger and more builders display, space for models becomes more and more cramped, which impacts model viewing. LEGO models, like a sculpture or painting or any other piece of art, need some open space so viewers can appreciate them properly. One way to create this space is to use a display case.

There are some cases that are available that are acrylic boxes on a base of some type – usually for car models or sports memorabilia. These can be found at arts and crafts stores and are pretty simple setups – just place the model on the base and drop the case on top of it. However, there is a limit of sizes that are easily found – roughly shoebox size, or a size that can fit a sports helmet. 

This changed when Brick Case started selling cases in 2018. Directed toward collectors of all types, Brick Case began selling a variety of sizes for display cases. These cases can be used for scale models, die cast figures, and other items besides LEGO models. Unlike other cases, though, the BrickCase has lights inside the case. For review, Brick Case sent a display case to BrickJournal to try out.

The BrickCase is shipped flat packed, and double boxed. Assembly is needed and instructions can be found on the Brick Case website for setting up. It wasn’t very hard to figure out, as I test-fitted the case when I unboxed it. The light supports have to be unfolded. All of the acrylic parts are protected by paper wrap, to prevent scratches.


After removing the wrap, the sides then the top is placed in and secured by the light supports. Models are placed in the case before the top is added. The end result is a professional-level display. Disassembly is just as easy – unscrew the bolts on the lights and take the display parts and wrap them in towels and place in a box!

Models inside are dust-free and can be lit by the interior lights, which can be turned on by a switch on the side of the base. Each of the four lights can be angled toward the inside on the x and y axis as needed, but cannot be raised or lowered. The lights are bright, but don’t give out very much heat, as they are LEDs. I cut a piece of paper to fit over the light to diffuse it. Others have used colored film to add lighting effects. According to the BrickCase website, the Brickcase has 4X1W LED lights /6500K, Brightness/Lumens 245 and is ETL certified and compliance to North American safety standards. There are two power options: Direct plug into a wall outlet (wire and plug are included) OR power by a power bank (wire and plug are included, power bank is NOT included. Recommend Power Bank greater than or equal to 4.5V). I used the wall plug.

The final display. More can be added, including a background.

The interior size is 20.00 (two green baseplates) inches (L) x 7.00 inches (W/D) x 7.00 inches (H). Exterior size (base size) is 21 inches by 8 inches by 8 inches. While this case is meant for the Capitol Building Architecture set, it can also fit quite a few other sets. The webpage for the case itself lists the sets that can be displayed inside, and if you want a different size, you can go to the Find my BrickCase page and find a match to your size.

Overall, the BrickCase is a very good option for displaying a LEGO model or creation. While the price may appear to be high, the quality of the product as well as its lighting solution make it a very good way to show off your best set or best creation, whether it be a set of minifigures or the Millennium Falcon!

You can go to the BrickCase’s website here.

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