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The Idea Book 6000 Experience: Completing the Dream, Pg 2

Mar 26, 2014 12:00 am
by Joe Meno
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Article and Photography by Brian and Sue Ann Carpignano
Additional Photos from Idea Book 6000

The LEGO Idea Book (#6000) depicts the story of two mini-figures, Mary and Bill, as they venture through three major LEGO themes of town, space and castle from the 1980s. My wife and I created and displayed the town scenes at the 2012 Bricks by the Bay show, a LEGO convention in Santa Clara, California. We reconstructed each of the eleven major town scenes from this Idea Book interconnecting them with road baseplates and creating rolling green mountains made out of LEGO bricks in the background. You can read more in our first article, “The Idea Book Experience: Building a Childhood Dream” in the June 2013 issue (Issue 24) of BrickJournal. In the last scene of our display, Mary and Bill were watching a classic space movie, suggesting that their adventures would continue in outer space. Our building adventure also continued.

In order to complete Mary and Bill’s story, we built four more major scenes from the Idea Book. This included a classic space scene, an alien planet scene, a castle scene, and a final scene where they tell all their town friends of their adventures. We were able to finish building the models and extra landscaping in time for the 2013 Bricks by the Bay show in Santa Clara, California. We again created four more of Mary’s diary entries so that the public could read and walk around our display. In this page, follow our story and again read about our Lego building discoveries as we had a blast in retelling Mary and Bill’s space and castle adventures.

Aliens Land!

Idea Book

Here is the Idea Book layout and...

bill and mary layout

and here is the built layout.


After Mary and Bill helped the aliens fix their cool spaceship that crashed on the moon, they traveled to the alien’s home planet. The alien spaceship is comprised of classic space and town pieces, including some elements from the Police Headquarters set (#381 in Europe and #588 in USA).

In our scene we had two alien spaceships fly within a second starfield made out of LEGO bricks, closely matching those spaceships shown in the Idea Book. The alien’s planet was a rocky grey landscape and so we built grey mountains out of plates and bricks.


The alien scene is probably one of the harder ones to build as there are not many viewing angles in the Idea Book for several of the models, notably the space base on the left. For this space base we created the back side as shown, with red bricks and grey plates for stairs.

alien architecture

We also liked the yellow and black building as it has a creative use of slope bricks to make angled windows that gives the alien planet that out-of-this-world look!

alien arboretum

Also, there are a few other models in our scene that is not in the main alien scene but are shown on other pages of the Idea Book. In particular, the white arbor-like model is shown in only one place in the Idea Book. As you can see, this model uses antennas on the top of the roof. We found these antennas to actually have two designs, one of which can stick onto the end of a torch-gun piece and the other design cannot. The antenna cannot be used in this manner because the inner hole size is smaller.


Can you find which one would work with the torch-gun piece? You are right; it is the one on the left.

The alien mini-figures were fun to build. They were a mixture of older non-movable mini-figures, small LEGO pieces, and movable ones with their torso reversed. Take a closer look at their arms and you will see that their elbows are bent backwards – definitely alien!


Here are some photos of the alien ships flying in outer space. You can see that we used some bar and hinge pieces to hold the spaceships in mid-air!

alien building

To recreate the transport vehicle on the single blue track shown in the background of the alien space scene, we used a blue hinge brick to mount the seat on top of a bunch of red plates, connected sideways in a SNOT (studs-not-on-top) fashion.

alien vehicles

Here are a few more photos of other alien vehicles from our display for your enjoyment.

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