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The Idea Book 6000 Experience: Completing the Dream, Pg 3

Apr 05, 2014 3:54 pm
by Joe Meno
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Article and Photography by Brian and Sue Ann Carpignano
Additional Photos from Idea Book 6000

The LEGO Idea Book (#6000) depicts the story of two mini-figures, Mary and Bill, as they venture through three major LEGO themes of town, space and castle from the 1980s. My wife and I created and displayed the town scenes at the 2012 Bricks by the Bay show, a LEGO convention in Santa Clara, California. We reconstructed each of the eleven major town scenes from this Idea Book interconnecting them with road baseplates and creating rolling green mountains made out of LEGO bricks in the background. You can read more in our first article, “The Idea Book Experience: Building a Childhood Dream” in the June 2013 issue (Issue 24) of BrickJournal. In the last scene of our display, Mary and Bill were watching a classic space movie, suggesting that their adventures would continue in outer space. Our building adventure also continued.

In order to complete Mary and Bill’s story, we built four more major scenes from the Idea Book. This included a classic space scene, an alien planet scene, a castle scene, and a final scene where they tell all their town friends of their adventures. We were able to finish building the models and extra landscaping in time for the 2013 Bricks by the Bay show in Santa Clara, California. We again created four more of Mary’s diary entries so that the public could read and walk around our display. In this page, follow our story and again read about our Lego building discoveries as we had a blast in retelling Mary and Bill’s space and castle adventures.

Planet C375!

Planet C375

The Idea Book layout and...

bill and mary layout

the built layout.

In the next scene, Mary and Bill leave the alien planet and arrive at a medieval castle planet. Because they flew to the castle by spaceship, we decided to have the castle scene be a medieval planet, naming it C375 after the 1978 LEGO Yellow Castle set (#375 in Europe and #6075 in USA). The courtyard castle appears to be composed of the Fire Station set #374 that had 4 red doors and the Yellow Castle set that had 2 red doors. Also, the LEGO slope pieces with stickers, like the red/white/blue awning came from the Town House set (#376 in Europe and #560 in USA).


For our display, we took the liberty of creating a luscious waterfall landscape for the castle on the hill and created a dirt road using brown plates making a trail from the hill to the courtyard. We topped off the greenery with mountains, trees and bushes.


In our recreation of the courtyard castle, we applied the crown chest armor sticker to some of the shields as was done in the Idea Book. You can tell that these stickers were meant for the chest armor since they are rectangular in shape rather than the triangular shield shape.
Can you find the mini-figures that have this rectangle-shape crown sticker for their shield?


There are a few classic space astronauts in the audience watching the joust tournament!


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