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Brickvention Opens Exhibitor Applications

Sep 13, 2016 8:04 pm
by Joe Meno
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photo1Photo by Richard Jones.

Brickventures Inc is very pleased to announce the opening of Exhibitor applications for Brickvention 2017, a LEGO fan event in Victoria, Australia.

This is our 11th year and we’re looking forward to seeing lots of exciting new exhibits. 

As always, our preference is for original creations or dioramas of sets. 

Photo by Richard Jones.

As each application is individually assessed, completing an Exhibitor application does not guarantee acceptance as an Exhibitor. Please ensure you provide as much information about your exhibit as possible. Exhibitors attend the AFOL Convention Day at no cost. If you wish to apply to be an Exhibitor, click on the link below. Public Expo tickets will be on sale early in October. Use the following link to begin your application:

Photo by Teunis Davey.

Photo by Teunis Davey.

Photo by Teunis Davey.