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Brickyt Set Reviews

Nov 30, 2016 7:24 pm
by Joe Meno
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the gang
Brickyt designers Ellen Kooijman and Glen Wadleigh.

A new maker of custom sets appeared in late spring 2016. Called Brickyt, the group is two LEGO fans who others may already know: Glen Wadsleigh (Glen Bricker on Facebook, GlenBricker on Twitter) and Ellen Kooijman (Alatariel Elensar on Facebook). Both have worked on successful projects on LEGO IDEAS and now have begun to push their skills in a new direction.

designers and sets
With sets...

Brickyt is a company that designs and makes custom LEGO sets for sale, it also takes commissions for custom LEGO creations, creates instructions for sumo LEGO builds, sells standard and customized LEGO bricks, creates marketing campaigns using LEGO creations and also creates LEGO Ideas campaigns. The first products by Brickyt were unveiled at BrickWorld in Chicago, Illinois.

The sets
All three sets: Triceratops, Archeologist, and Velociraptor.

A wave of three sets were released: BK001A - Triceratops Skeleton, BK002A - Velociraptor Skeleton, BK003A - Archaeologist. The Triceratops Skeleton set retailed at $15, while the other two sets were sold for $10 at Brickworld. I bought two sets, the Triceratops Skeleton and the Velociraptor Skeleton, to build when I returned from the convention.

Velociraptor and packaging.

The sets are packaged in blister packs, and are a good departure from the LEGO box. Part counts are noted as well as a nice rendering of the subject model. The parts are easily seen so any questions on parts quality are quickly resolved. Of the two sets I bought, the Velociraptor Skeleton set has a custom printed tile. Besides that single element, all of the other parts are genuine LEGO parts.

Triceratops and packaging.

The instructions are not included in the sets - those can be downloaded at, and the sets have QR links to the files. In fact, you can download the instructions separately from the sets and use your parts if you want. At this point, it’s the easiest way to build them, as they are only being sold at events. Because the instructions are not limited by page count, they are full-page, full-color, and fully clear.

Archaeologist and packaging.

The Velociraptor set is a quick build and has two components: the raptor and its base. The base is first built, and then the raptor is assembled and snapped onto the base. With so few pieces (32) this is a great example of micro building. There is some inspired parts use in the set, from the shaping of the skull to the articulation of the limbs. The printed tile is a wonderful flourish to this and I highly recommend it for any person interested in dinosaurs or a great build.

The Triceratops set is 80 parts, and is only slightly longer to build. This model has no base, but is articulated at the legs, tail and head. Like the velociraptor, this has some great parts use in the articulation and the sculpting of the skull. With the higher price point, there may be a question of worth, but the build quickly makes it clear the added expense is worth it.

With these sets Brickyt has created a quality build experience with well-designed models. Looking forward to what else Glen and Ellen come up with! You can see all of these at their site,

NOTE: Since these sets were reviewed, two new kits have been released: The Keyzsy, which is a Mixels-based model and an addition to the Big Bang Theory LEGO Ideas set, which was designed by Ellen and Glen - The Big Bang Theory Extra Wall.