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Tyler Clites' Creation Nation Website Launches!

Jan 10, 2017 4:10 am
by Joe Meno
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A new website has launched that teaches LEGO building. From Tyler Clites, one of the community's best builders, comes The Creation Nation!

From Tyler Clites himself:


What is The Creation Nation?

The Creation Nation is a membership website where we want to build a nation of creators. With cell phones and video games, kids are losing their creativity. We want to encourage and challenge kids to be more creative. There is no better way to be creative than with Lego. It is vital that we show kids that there is an endless supply of creative ideas out there. Kids should to be challenged to put down the instructions that come with a set and build creations using their own ideas.

There is so much more to Lego than just being a fun toy. Right now, there is an incredible need to teach kids how to think creatively to solve problems, develop new ideas, and be resourceful. Video games cannot teach this, but we can.

How do we teach creativity?


Idea Generation – Generating a variety of ideas within a specific set of parameters.


Idea Selection – Selecting the best idea to work with and exploring it further.


Idea Realization – Bringing an idea into reality.

Members of the site will have access to our entire library of videos. These videos are designed to demonstrate the creative process in a fun way. New videos are added each week which add up to over an hour of new video content each month.

Visit now and check out our free videos and sign up for our newsletter.

Quick Review:

I got to poke around the still-new site and am impressed with the videos that are online. While short, they deal with one of the most important parts of building: planning. For many of us, we just build and have the experience of trying and someties failing. The newer builders often don't see the process needed to make a MOC. This site gives the viewer a glimpse of the thought needed to make a successful model.

I hope to see more videos that are longer and have more depth into building. The production values are very high and Tyler makes a good host on building.