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75144: Snowspeeder Review

May 01, 2017 5:07 pm
by Joe Meno
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Building a Model to Take on the Empire


75144 Snowspeeder™
Ages 14+.  1,703 pieces.
US $199.99 - CA $229.99 - DE 199.99€ - UK £169.99 - DK 1799.00 DKK
*Euro pricing varies by country.  Please visit for regional pricing.

Earlier in April, BrickJournal was sent a copy of the 75144 UCS Snowspeeder to review. Due out on May 4, the set is a nice example of an iconic craft in the Star Wars universe.

The interior of the cockpit has some nice detailing.

The set itself is 1703 pieces, with bags separating the many assemblies and comp[onents of the snow speeder. There are a total of 13 separate assemblies, with the building starting at the center of the model and radiating outward. The stand is built in the fifth bag/assembly and becomes an important structure to hold up the snow speeder as the wings are built and attached.

So does the rear cockpit. The rear gun moves with the joystick.

The build will take some time time to complete, so I took my time to appreciate the construction techniques inside the model. The build experience is good - for the most part, the model is easy to build as directed. There are some neat techniques using mini ball joints to define the front angles, as well as making the upper flaps not only movable by turning the main guns, but allowing the parts to slip after the panels are completely open or closed. The rear harpoon gun is controlled by a set of bevel gears, allowing the gun to turn from right to left.

A look at the main gun and some of the detail made by the stickers.

Because this is a UCS set, the scale is larger than minifgure scale (but has 2 minifigures for collectibility) and has more detail as a result. There is some great detailing in the cockpit thanks to some stickers and and printed slopes. The set has a sheet of about 30 stickers, so you’ll be a little busy placing those as you build. To keep the stickers straight, I initially place them on the thin edge of a brick separator to position on the final part.

fig 1
The figures.

The minifigures themselves are new figures, but not that distinct. there’s a black helmet and arm printing, but outside of that , the figures are generic Rebel pilots. It’s odd to me that these were included in the set - I would have been more impressed if there were were miniland scaled pilots that had to be built for the snowspeeder.

You can see the minifigure skates in front of the orange plates here.

It took me about 7 hours to build the set, and it was time well spent. The build was smooth except for one small detail: the bottom edges at the rear and front nose panels used minifigure skates to all some detail. Unfortunately, the parts only have one stud of connection so they often fell off when I picked up or repositioned the model. Replacing the part takes a little doing and a little care, as other skates may fall off too!

overhead with an old friend.
Overhead with an old friend.
The resulting model is big - over 16 inches long. You’ll need a decent display space to show of the model and its functions - the moving wing flaps, opening cockpit, and working landing gear.  Another thing to look at is how the main guns converge to a single point. You will see the construction in a few steps, but the result is neat to look at for it’s cleverness.

side view.

Bottom with landing gear.

Overall, the snowspeeder is a nice addition to anyone’s LEGO Star Wars collection. One thing that I overlooked in building was the instruction booklet: it introduces the design staff behind the set, from the set designer to the head of the LEGO Star Wars design team. There’s also art by Ralph McQuarrie and Joe Johnston, courtesy of Lucasfilm. Reading the book after the build is a good wrap up to building this model.

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