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Brickworld Builds the City of the Future!

Feb 03, 2012 10:26 pm
by Joe Meno
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Welcome to the World of Tomorrow, where cars fly, everyone’s happy, and life is glorious.

This year in Chicago we’re bringing together builders from all themes, be it train, town, space, scifi, etc. and creating a idealized city of the future. This means flying cars, jetpacks, crisp white architecture, and anything else you can think of. We want this collaboration to be one of the greatest any convention has ever seen and we need your help to do it!

What’s it supposed to look like?
There are a lot of ideas of what the future may be like. We encourage you to explore the different ideas and have created a Pinterest page with various pieces that may inspire you.

If you find or think of something you are not sure applies, contact Nick Dean

General Rules:
The layout will be based on 32 x 32 baseplates. Buildings can be built on any number of plates if one 32 x 32 is too small. Smaller buildings upon 16 x 16 baseplates are also welcome and will add to the intended cramped feel of the outer rings.
Violence is to be toned down. We’re not looking for military vehicles in this layout. Criminal Activity in the outer rings is welcomed, but we don’t need tanks rolling down city streets. If you’re interested in designing military-esque vehicles, make them police vehicles.
The style and layout of the City Center district is to be strictly controlled and approved on a MOC to MOC basis.

Layout: The City will be built in three concentric rings…

City Center


City Center: The City Center will serve as a focal point for the layout. It will have crisp and clean buildings rising above the rest of the layout, a large green park bisecting it, and sleek and futuristic vehicles driving above and on its streets.

The rules for the innermost ring are the strictest of all the sections. This is done in order to achieve the most idealized “city of the future” feel. If you are interested in building this section, please contact Nick Dean ( We’re looking for builders with large amounts of brick (especially white and tan) to design and build the central towers.
    We welcome all builders to make vehicles, street vendors, etc. for this section. Please try to keep things new-looking and clean.

Middle District

Middle District:
    The middle ring will be the urban sprawl of the city. Here any building is welcome, any style is welcome, and any theme is welcome. This area will be the down and dirty part of the city, with a Blade Runner-like feel, though modern clean buildings are welcome as well. There are few rules regarding the design of things here. We want tons of pieces making this area feel cramped and crowded.

Do’s and Don’ts:
Do use the 32 x 32 baseplate standard.
Don’t build derelict buildings. Those fit bitter in the outermost district.
Do build dirty buildings. This section is supposed to be well-used and abused.
Do build any sort of architecture
Do build roads into your creations. Depending upon the number of contributors, road plates may not be in this section
Don’t include excessive violence.
Do include criminal activity and sleazy underworld deals.
Do include vehicles. The city should look busy and crowded
Do bring as many figures as you can pack. Cities are population centers, not just paved areas with buildings!

Outer District:
The outermost ring will be the slum of the city and the borderlands. Here we’re looking for almost a post-apoc feel. Derelict buildings, lawlessness, and anything of the sort is allowed. Please no tanks or other military vehicles though.

Do’s and Don’ts:
You do not have to use the 32 x 32 baseplate standard
Do build derelict or abandoned buildings
Don’t include excessive violence. No tanks or large armored vehicles that are not Police vehicles
Do include criminal activity and sleezy underworld deals

Other information:
Do’s and Don’ts regarding vehicles:
Do build flying cars, driving cars.
Do build spacecraft, airplanes, etc.
Don’t build tanks or heavily armored military vehicles
Do build sleek vehicles
Do build dirty-looking vehicles
Tips and Tricks for building:
       1.   Don’t build interiors if you don’t have to.
       2.   Do any landscaping with filler brick
       3.   Make simple buildings. The more buildings the better.
       4.   Add detail only where people will see it
       5.   Use concept art, photographs, and other sources for inspiration
       6.   Go crazy
       7.   Ask questions.

If you have any questions, concerns, ideas, etc, leave a comment below (Only on Flickr!) or please contact Nick Dean ( if you have any questions regarding the layout, what is allowed, sources for inspiration, etc.