Small Business Directory: AFOL Businesses

Okay, we got hit by the pandemic and I know we are not the only ones – the AFOL community is full of small businesses that need support now! I know more than a few personally. Here’s a list of those businesses. They depend on your purchases to provide their services, so take a look!

Custom Sets and Services

Dan Siskind at Brickmania. Orders will still be taken and shipped. USA based.

Scott Bowman of Idea Brick Works, who does custom kits and workshops. USA based. Ships internationally.…

Abbie and EJ at They custom sets and retired and rare LEGO sets and minifigures. USA based. Ships internationally.

Alice at Bippity Bricks, who does custom sets and builds, and also does classes and collaborations with other builders.

Tyler and Sean at Build Better Bricks make custom sets and instructions of creations based on Marvel, Disney, and other pop art icons!

EJ is also the brick artist at Art on the Block. He does brick art commissions and build events. You can contact him for pricing and completion time of a project at

Jonathan Lopes builds custom LEGO sculptures and exhibitions and also published a book!


Chris Roach of BWTMTBrickworks sells custom instructions, custom designs and does classes and birthday parties.


Val Glaser of  who makes and sells custom boxes and business card holders (USA based, ships internationally)

Tim Allwein of Studsville Engraving, who engraves bricks and tiles for builders to customize their creations. You can email requests to (USA based, ships internationally)

James and Dawn Burrows of The Brick University holds LEGO camps and sells retired sets and parts. (USA based, ships internationally)


Marc-André Bazergui of is a UV printing shop dedicated to AFOL and LEGO robotics groups, printing text and graphics on LEGO elements. (Canada based, ships internationally)

OKBrickWorks is a custom print shop run by Andrew Mollmann dedicated to Lego (and a few other things). Services offered include: UV prints on clear or opaque vinyl, die cut stickers, UV printed and laser cut fabric, 3D printed 9V & RC train track and train wheels. We mainly print custom made-to-order stickers, but we also sell a handful of replica stickers and pirate sails on our eBay store. Send us an email at to start a custom order today to put the finishing touches on your MOC.


We Love What You Build (WLWYB) is an online business based in Hungary that runs MOCHUB and also sells the Periodical Table of LEGO Colors, which was reviewed by BrickJournal.

Minifigure Parts and Accessories

Victor at EclipseGrafx, who does lots of printed tiles and elements! USA based. Ships internationally.

Richard and Ashley Glatter of BrickForge, which makes and sells minifigure accessories and animals (USA based, ships internationally):

BrickWarriors designs and produces LEGO® compatible weapons, helmets, and armor. Grab some of their custom LEGO® accessories and watch your minifigures transform into warriors.

Magazines, Publications and Graphics


TwoMorrows, my publisher, who has more magazines than just BrickJournal. USA based, ships internationally.

Sebastien at Briques Magazine – a French AFOL magazine! Based in France. Ships internationally

Kevin A. Hinkle of Bricks in the Middle, who does commissioned art and the comic Bricks in the Middle in BrickJournal and online! USA based. Ships internationally.

Funny Figs is Raymond Griffith, who does minifigure-based caricatures. He sells prints and does his drawing at events. USA based, ships internationally.

LEGO-Compatible Electronics

Rob at Brickstuff, who does electronics and lighting systems for LEGO creations. USA based. Ships internationally.

Rob at Lifelites, who also does electronics and lighting for LEGO creations. USA based, ships internationally.

Custom Instructions

Cale Leiphart of BrickModel Railroader, which does L-gauge train models (USA based): Ships internationally.

Brick Vendors and Shops

Atlanta Brick or Bricklink shop:
Currently offering 10% off PARTS orders for custom builds for Bantha Bricks group members by contacting them at USA based, ships internationally. ( offers a 20% off first order coupon when you sign up for their newsletter at their website and also sponsors a monthly custom minifig giveaway. They also send out special sale coupons to those who remained signed up for their newsletters! USA based: Ships to USA and Worldwide

The is Canada’s largest LEGO parts resource with 20 years of selling new LEGO parts via BrickLink. Custom engraving on LEGO bricks. Based in Canada, shipping internationally.

Brixalotl is a vender that sells not only LEGO parts and small custom sets, they sell custom LEGO art, accessories and keychains! Based in USA, ships internationally.

Chips Bricks (BrickLink: offers a 15% off coupon when requested at their BrickLink shop. They also host special event contests and prizes! USA based: Ships to USA and Worldwide

Miller’s Toy Box (BrickLink: offers special sales events on a regular basis for our members. They also supply prizes for special events such as “The Droid You’re Looking For” & “Fan of the Month” giveaways. Sign up at their Facebook group and stay tuned for announcements here at Bantha Bricks. [USA based: Ships to USA and Worldwide]

Bricktraders ( posts their special sales events when they have them and supports our annual children’s cancer fundraiser. Be sure to check out their physical location in the UK if you live there or visit the country. [UK based: Ships Worldwide]

I’m Rick James Bricks ( is a LEGO store (no not a LEGO Brand Retail Store) in Australia. They sell sets, minifigure accessories from BrickArms, card, mugs, and lighting sets from Light My Bricks. They have an online store and are taking orders.



Gekko the Bounty Hunter ( provided autographed items and other swag material from Gekko, one of the bounty hunters from the Guild seen in several episodes, played by actor Dominic Pace, from the Star Wars show “The Mandalorian”.

BX Custom Droids ( provides awesome prizes for our annual children’s cancer fundraiser and designed Bantha Bricks’ mascot droid: R7-5WF!


There are a TON other businesses that depend on you to stay IN business. If you have some money to spare, look and see if you can support them.

And if you are a business not listed (I just pulled some people off the top of my head), post here in the contact form below! And spread the word!

We are all in this together, and with each other’s help, we will come out stronger as a community!