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2023 LEGO House Masterpiece Gallery Spotlight: Zachary Steinman

Zachary Steinman talks about his creations.

On September 23, LEGO House welcomed 15 LEGO fan builders to display their work at the Masterpiece Gallery for a year. These builders came from 11 countries on four continents and were personally selected by LEGO house to showcase their work.

Kathrine Kirk Muff, Managing Director at LEGO House, had this to say about this year’s Masterpiece Gallery artists:

We’re truly thrilled to welcome this year’s collection of creations from LEGO fans hailing from all over the world. Every creation carries a story, and a great deal of thought and time has been invested in these builds. We look forward to welcoming visitors to the home of the LEGO brick, experiencing the exhibition firsthand, and hopefully leaving with lots of inspirations to resist in their building endeavors and venture into uncharted territories.

Of those builders, seven have been featured in BrickJournal Magazine. Here we will be featuring these builders. The first one featured will be Zachary Steinman from Canada, who was featured in BrickJournal 79.

Zachary talks about himself and his creations (video)

Here are some photos of Zachary’s work.

and here is a video of Zachary setting up. The Masterpiece Gallery will display his work until September 2024.

If you want to see BrickJournal 79 and a preoview of Zachary’s feature, you can click here.

All photos and video are courtesy of LEGO House and ©LEGO House. Many thanks to LEGO House for providing them.

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