Reviews: Playmobil Back to the Future Figure Set and Delorean

A favorite movie of mine (and many others) is Back to the Future, which was released in 1985. A wildly inventive and funny time travel tale, the movie started a trilogy and became a pop culture phenomenon. A large part of its fame can be credited to the main characters Marty McFly (played by Michael J. Fox) and Doc Emmett Brown (played by Christopher Lloyd) and an iconic prop, the time-traveling Delorean.

For the 35th anniversary of the movie, Playmobil released a figure set and the Delorean. Like the Ghostbusters series of Playmobil figures and sets, these sets have both toy and collector appeal. Let’s take a look!

Marty McFly and Emmett Brown 1955 Edition Set (70459)
For Ages 6+, 6 pieces. $7.99 USD

We’ll start small – here’s the collector figure set from the movie with Marty and Doc Brown in the clothes they wore in the movies when they were in the past. The box front shows off the figures, and thanks to a tear tab on the side, you can open up the box and slide out the figures, as seen below. The box is closable, so you can store the figures after opening.

What’s inside – the figures, accessories and catalog.

The figures themselves are a good adaptation of the characters to a Playmobil figure – the faces will be pretty generic, but the clothing is recognizable. For Marty, he’s dressed up for his guitar solo at the Enchantment by the Sea dance, complete with Gibson guitar:

His suit is complete, even with the shoes seen in the movie!

Unfortunately, the Playmobil figure cannot duck walk.

Doc Brown is rendered just as well, and has the Clock Tower flyer that has the time of the lightning strike Marty has to meet to get back home.

What makes the figure set are the accessories – Marty’s guitar is nice, but the Clock Tower flyer is a very nice touch, especially with the phone number on the back. By themselves, the figure set is a neat item for the BTTF fan and is at a price point that is pretty inexpensive.

But if you really want something fun, you’ll want the…

Back to the Future Delorean (70317)
For Ages 6+, 64 pieces. $49.99 USD

It’s tough to time travel with nothing to let you travel. Back to the Future’s iconic ride is is replicated with impressive detail and comes with three figures: Marty, Doc Brown, and Einstein!

The car has to be built, so here are some photos and notes about the build:

The car is a pretty fun build, and doesn’t take long to complete. Everything snaps into place, and the decals are vinyl stickers that are large enough to require some care to place accurately. After that, there’s some minor assembly for the figures and accessories.

Figures and accessories. You’ll build a skateboard, plutonium capsules, the plutonium chest, and part of Doc Brown’s costume.


Fun Detail 1: Einstein has his timer!


Fun Detail 2: The video recorder has printed details.


Doc Brown and Marty waiting for the Delorean…


and yes, the doors open and Einstein fits! Doc Brown fits if you remove his tool belt.


Fun Detail 3: The lights are different for the Flux Capacitor and the rest of the car!
Fun Detail 4: the wheels rotate to flight mode! There are snaps to keep the wheels secured in ground mode or flight mode.

The Delorean is a great set for collectors because it has so many details from the movie. For everyone else, it’s a toy with a lot of fun potential, as this set can go to any Playmobil theme to adventure in…and what kid wouldn’t resist that?

Both sets are out now and can be purchased here:

Delorean Set from

Marty and Doc Brown Figure Set from

Many thanks to Playmobil for providing review sets.

One thought on “Reviews: Playmobil Back to the Future Figure Set and Delorean

  • Playmobile has REALLY stepped up their game with the new 35th Anniversary Back to the Future line. Even the advent calendar they created is pretty cool. Really liking what they have done!


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