BrickJournal 64: LEGO Fans Build LEGO Themes!

Issue 64 Online Supplement
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Chris Giddens
Chris Giddens talks about the beginnings of Pre-Classic Space and the fleet he built, inspired by Battlestar Galactica and Star Trek.
Brickshelf Gallery
Flickr Gallery
YouTube Channel

Jeffery Veins: Collector’s Call
Being on TV can be an experience. Jeff Viens talks about the debut his LEGO collection on a TV show.
Collector’s Call Episode Page

Andrea Girotto
Andrea Girotto presents some of his LEGO-built music boxes, including one that is a submission to LEGO Ideas.
YouTube Page

Piotr Pitold Maciejewski
Piotr shows a layout, a model, and a game. All LEGO inspired.
Facebook Page
Inspirations: Alejandro Burdisio Simon Stalenhag


Sarah Beyer
Making modern styled home in LEGO is what Sarah does, and we’ll take a tour of two of her homes and get to know her.
Flickr Gallery
Instagram Page

Jaap Bijl
Jaap stops from building to show some of his work and a building technique. 
Flickr Gallery

Christy Hempel
Christy developed a LEGO-modeled landscape at a museum in Denmark to discuss urban design to adults and children.

Piet Niederhausen
Piet built a series of models inspired by LEGO Yellow Castle set. 
Flickr Gallery

You Can Build it
Christopher Deck’s ongoing building column. His model this issue: a Classic Space inspired Space Cruiser.
Christopher Deck’s Website

Minifigure Customization 101
Jared’s long-running column on customizing and modifying minifigures. This issue’s topic: M:Tron 2020.


Bantha Bricks Spotlight: Todd Wright
Steven Smyth of Bantha Bricks showcases one of the many Star Wars builders found on the Bantha Bricks Facebook Page.
Facebook Page

The LEGO House’s Masterpiece Gallery
The LEGO House displays LEGO fan builds in the Masterpiece Gallery. Creations are selected once a year, and all those selected take their work one weekend in the fall to set up their work. 2019 was no different, with 15 builders from around the world showing their models.
The LEGO House Website

Bricks in the Middle
An online cartoon done by Matthew Kay and Kevin Hinkle, AFOL and former Community Engagement Manager with the LEGO Group.


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