Explore the Universe, Brick by Brick with No Starch Press’ LEGO Space Projects! Pre-Order NOW for a 30% discount!

No, it’s not an April Fool’s article….

Launch your imagination with award-winning creator Jeff Friesen’s dazzling array of over 50 galaxy-hopping spacecraft models and gadgets – just in time for LEGO’s new Space Shuttle Discovery set!

Many of the brilliantly crafted designs in this book take their inspiration from real-life spaceships, with step-by-step instructions for transforming a pile of bricks into NASA-grade propulsion systems, heat shields, and solar collectors. Others are straight out of science fiction, like a cyborg (mecha) explorer with maneuvering thrusters that double as laser guns.

More than just a maker’s manual, LEGO Space Projects also functions as a coffee-table book, with gorgeous photography, entertaining descriptions, and detailed technical specs. Plus, everything you need to complete each mission – down to the exact bricks and where to find them – is included. Click together celestially ambitious deep-space research tools, rev up a retro rocket, or use the techniques as a launchpad for your own designs!

Now through April 15th, pre-orders are 30% off with code 4ALLMANKIND.

You’ll get an Early Access PDF now. Print books will be sent as soon as we receive inventory — around June 2021.

A MicroReview:

BrickJournal received an Early Access PDF for review and it’s pretty a pretty nice introduction to building microscale space, and for those new to the hobby, getting started in finding and ordering parts. Parts lists include part numbers with the parts, making it easy to order if needed. A quick explanation of Bricklink is also in the book.

Outside of that, the book is a light read (what, you were expecting a novel?) with a lot of models to build. The small scale allows for a multitude of variety with ship styles that are defined in the book. Friesen has a lot to talk about in terms of the theme and building, and he does so with a voice that is slightly reminiscent of the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Expect some humor in the book.

So go to No Starch Press and order, and don’t forget the discount code 4ALLMANKIND.
Discount expires April 15th, 2021.

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