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Lights, Camera… Build!

The LEGO Group and Polaroid launch the new LEGO® IDEAS: Polaroid OneStep Camera for photography aficionados and LEGO builders everywhere!

15th December 2023 (15:00 CET) – The LEGO Group and Polaroid has today unveiled the new LEGO® IDEAS: Polaroid OneStep SX-70 Camera. Originally conceived by LEGO fan Marc a.k.a. Minibrick Productions (@minibrickYT), bringing Polaroid’s iconic camera to life in LEGO brick form.

Launching January 1 2024, the LEGO IDEAS: Polaroid OneStep Camera set brings a true icon of photography to the LEGO IDEAS range and is the 53rd product from the fan-sourced platform.

The model is made up of 516 pieces and includes many of the design features that made the original OneStep Camera so popular amongst fans, captured in a unique display model with functional features. Also included alongside the camera is a buildable Polaroid Time-Zero Land Film pack and three LEGO Polaroid illustrated ‘photos’. 

The camera features a working viewfinder, the iconic Color Spectrum, exposure compensation dial and a shutter button so you even can load and eject the illustrated photos. Also included is an opening film door to load LEGO Polaroid Photos in.

Talking about his inspiration for the design, Marc a.k.a. Minibrick Productions said: “The OneStep took a little over a month from design to completion. I actually started designing it while on vacation in France since I couldn’t wait to build it […] I’ve always loved the design of the Polaroid OneStep. It’s incredibly iconic and shows up everywhere!”

To mark the launch of the LEGO IDEAS: Polaroid OneStep Camera, the LEGO Group created an unconventional marketing campaign that highlights the one key feature the product lacks: functionality. This photography-led campaign for a non-functioning camera includes a ‘NOT SHOT ON LEGO Polaroid Camera’ sticker being slapped across photos in surprising places – subtly making every photo ever taken, a part of the campaign.

The original Polaroid OneStep Camera was released in 1977 and quickly became a huge hit with photographers. The camera brought instant photography to many households across the world, allowing people to develop photographs from their very hands.  

The LEGO® IDEAS: Polaroid OneStep Camera will be available to pre-order from December 15 and in stores globally from January 1 at the recommended retail price of $79.99 / €79.99 / £69.99.

21345 LEGO® IDEAS: Polaroid OneStep
Age: 18+ | Pieces: 516
Price: $79.99/ €79.99/ £69.99 / 99.99 CAD /89.99 AUD / 33990 HUF / 749 CNY
Measurements: Camera – 3.7 inches x 5.9 inches x 3.15 inches | Viewfinder – 4.1 inches x 0.75 inches x 3.15 inches
Available: January 1

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