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LEGO Launches New Theme: SUPERSIZED sets!

We’re excited to announce that The LEGO Group is launching a new range of SUPERSIZED LEGO sets. Our biggest builds yet! These commanding display pieces will take weeks to complete and take up more space in your home than is practical but they will be HUGE talking points when guests come round. For the first in this range, we have created a Supersized Tim Minion (nickname: Big Tim). He’s an adorable 2.5 meter tall Supersized Minion made of a staggering 102,213 LEGO pieces. You can find more information here:


75553 Supersized Tim
Age: 14+ | Brick count: 102,213
Build height: 2.5 meters
 |Box dimensions: 170 x 80 x 65 centimetres
Colours: Yellow, blue, black, grey, white, brown (but mainly yellow, to be honest)
Description: A commanding display piece for your home with adorable eyes and a wry smile
Purpose: To be really, really huge and yellow


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