Review: 75939 – Dr. Wu’s Lab: Baby Dinosaur Breakout

It’s been a while since a LEGO set review has been posted here, so let’s start with a smaller set that was released recently. 

75939 Dr. Wu’s Lab: Baby Dinosaurs Breakout
164 pieces, Ages 6+ | $19.99 USD
Available now.

Let’s start off by saying I saw this set online and wanted it for two reasons: the baby Triceratops and the baby Ankylosaurus. Owen Grady is another Chris Pratt minifigure, and Henry Wu was in a couple of other sets. The dinos, though, are another story. This set is the first appearance of the animals, and with the minifigures make the set a good example of a storytelling set. But let’s take a look at the rest of the set.

The back of the box shows details and the action functions of the set, most notably the collapsing panel. Stripped of the background, though, the set appears small – consoles, a wall and a table. With a piece count of below 200 pieces, the price per part is a little higher than expected also.

Opening the box, you get three bags (there’s not enough parts to number the bags), the bag T-tops, stickers, and instructions. Once you pen the bag, you get this:

This set doesn’t have any parts that are outstanding – The 8 x 8 plate with the curved side and the 3 x 3 X plate in brown are interesting, but the rest are parts that are already in the LEGO inventory.

The stickers have pretty nice graphics on them.

Gotta feel sorry for the two red guys on the screen sticker. The other screen graphics printed with a white background which makes them look better on the parts they are on.

A part I do like in this set is the amber brick. Printed on it is a mosquito and some texture. While not a stone piece (using the Space geode element in trans-orange would have been really neat!), it looks enough the part.

Owen Grady and Dr. Henry Wu are pretty good minifigures – the detail on their torsos is pretty nice. The ID badge on Dr. Wu is a clever touch.

Here they are angry or terrified, depending on who you are.

And here are the dinos. The T-tops has a center gap that is covered with a brick and a plate. You can build a harness for him, or have a figure stand in, but that really looks odd. Baby Ankylosaurus has a hollow stud on the top. The feet are also hollow, so they can be placed on plates.

Yes, they look cute.

The Build

The build itself was pretty easy. None of the set ‘pieces’ was that complex, and there wasn’t any tricky building like sideways building. The worst there was was a small amount of Technic building for the incubator arm and breakaway wall. Besides that, it was brick and plate stacking. As a result, it was a pretty quick build.

Here’s why there was white underprinting for the screens and consoles – the slope has a texture that would have bee seen under the stickers and the screens are black. The ink isn’t completely opaque, but is light enough to see the graphics that need to be seen.

Here’s another screen – see the white circles? Those are bubbles that got rubbed out after I took the pic. The laptop is a nice element, but it needs a screen to show what it does. An odd thing is that the petri dish (the 1×1 transparent round tile) is left loose on the grill tile. It has nothing to attach to, which its odd since the piece is so small.

The incubator is a simple build that looks great considering it uses so few parts. The robot arm is not as well done (the technic parts at this scale look really big and outsized), but has a hand that can hold the eggs. The lid is hinged with clips so it can be opened for the arm and inspections.

like so.

The other end of the computer has a viewing wall for watching the dinos as they go about their business. However, the T-tops has other ideas, and by pushing Technic lifter (seen by the wall edge)…

the wall falls! And Dr. Wu wastes no time in getting away.

If you look at the other side of the wall, you can see the water station and control switches.

A closer look will show that some wires are cut.

so, who or what did that?

The entire set looks like this, and isn’t much to build, it appears.

The beauty of the set, though is that it has a lot of things and props to tell a story. Just moving the figures around by the tables and computers brought up ideas for stories.

What are your first thought for a caption for this?

Or this?

With the dinos, things can go pretty funny pretty quick:


or this?

Final words:

This particular set isn’t a hard set, but a fun set. The builds are easy, and there are figures and dinos to play with. This is a good playset that is worth buying – if only to arm the Ankylosaurus!



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