Immerse in the LEGOverse: ToySphere launches Revolutionary New Way to Explore LEGO Online!

Sphere today announced the launch of LEGO ToySphere, a completely unique and immersive format, reimagining shopping for LEGO and allowing fans to view the last decade of LEGO like never before.

Lifelong LEGO fans Olly Treadway and Warren Minde have come together to build ToySphere – bringing the excitement, playfulness and immersion of a trip to a real LEGO store online. Pouring time and passion into building this awesome new way to explore and shop LEGO, the team have spent the past six years on this epic fan project.

Combining Olly’s tech wizardry and passion for LEGO, with Warren’s years of experience consulting to the LEGO leadership at their HQ in Billund, Denmark, this is LEGO as you’ve never seen it.

“This is absolutely brilliant! So many implications! Mind blown! ” Anna Golson,

“Sphere is really something amazing.” Dr Mc.Brick,

“This is a very exciting development. This is a first step to a much richer online experience for retail, education and events, and I can’t wait to see what happens next!” Joe Meno,

“ Our vision is to radically change the way people discover , curate & buy content on the web by bringing wonder , simplicity & intuition back to the browsing experience. There’s no better product than LEGO to showcase this. ” Olly Treadway, Founder, ToySphere

“ At a time when we are all missing the playful world of discovery that is a real life LEGO store – we hope to bring a little of that joy and humanity to the online experience with TOYSPHERE. We really hope AFOLS, parents and kids enjoy exploring and playing in the Sphere.” Warren Minde, Chief Strategy Officer, ToySphere

LEGO ToySphere will launch to the public on Friday 25th September, with access to the Star Wars, City, Architecture, Minecraft and Technic Spheres.

The site will be continuously updated as new sets are released, and exciting new Spheres – including Harry Potter, Jurassic Park, Super Mario, Duplo and Creator – will be launched over the coming weeks.

Ready to think outside the blocks? To explore ToySphere and immerse in the new LEGOverse, visit

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