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PLAYMOBIL® Launches Exciting New Play Themes at Toy Fair New York 2020

Playmobil Welcomes Scooby-Doo™ and Back to the Future-Licensed Toys and Announces New Franchise Era and New Content Strategy 

CRANBURY, NJ—February 22, 2020—The new lineup of imaginative play themes from leading global toy maker PLAYMOBIL® was unveiled t at New York’s Javits Center.  The beloved brand, internationally known for its line of creative playsets that inspire kids to explore the far reaches of their imaginations, has remained at the forefront of creative play and continues to be a favorite of both children and parents alike for over 40 years. 2020 will be no exception!

Within licensing, PLAYMOBIL is ready to befriend a whole new generation of curious-minded kids and evoke nostalgia with parents with its new Scooby-Doo line, based on the classic Warner Bros. brand.  This spring, the toy maker will join in the celebration of the 35th anniversary of the timeless Universal Pictures and Amblin Entertainment film, Back to the Future, with the launch of a new line featuring a stunning recreation of the iconic DeLorean time machine.

“Our licensed lines continue to resonate exceptionally well with PLAYMOBIL fans of all ages,” said Marc Shinderman, Vice President of Sales & Marketing at PLAYMOBIL USA, noting the brand’s recent success with playsets based on both the Sony Pictures Consumer Products’ original Ghostbusters ™ line and the Netflix original series DreamWorks Spirit Riding Free. “This year, our new Scooby-Doo™ playsets are already on store shelves and proving to be an unqualified hit with fans of all ages; we’re also eagerly awaiting the launch of our Back to the Future line later this year when we’ll be part of the 35th anniversary celebration of the iconic movie franchise.”

In addition to contining to strategically develop its already strong worldwide licensing business, this year PLAYMOBIL will also be focusing on its growth as an entertainment brand and launching an exciting new out-licensing initiative that puts a fresh spin on a classic theme for a new generation of parents and kids.

As such, with the debut of the EverDreamerz line this spring, PLAYMOBIL will deliver a unique, multi-faceted play experience for today’s YouTube generation. The new story-based unboxing and collecting concept features five best friend characters as they experience adventure, face their fears and have fun.

Classic PLAYMOBIL knights enter a new franchise era this year with the debut of the Novelmore brand. Based on an original PLAYMOBIL series, the legendary new world is filled with mystical and action-packed adventures of knights, sorcerers and villains.


PLAYMOBIL is also debuting an array of exciting new creative play worlds, thanks to several fresh themes including Magical Mermaids, which dives into the enchanted underwater world of mermaids; Construction which features heavy construction vehicles that build a structure; a new aspirational Hospital line; new playsets in the 1.2.3. line designed especially for preschoolers; and additions to the always popular PLAYMOBIL

Advent Calendars, including a new large-scale “Family Christmas” theme.

At the core of all these new themes and expansion initiatives, however, is still the beloved, smiling 2 ¾-inchPLAYMOBIL figure,” added Shinderman. He noted that the original design goal for the characters was  to keep it as plain as possible, with sufficient articulation to give gestures, sit, stand and turn its head.  “Because in the end, it is the child’s imagination that really  does the work to bring the characters and the toys to life.  It’s a founding principal of PLAYMOBIL.”


As with all PLAYMOBIL toys, new 2020 playsets feature remarkable attention to detail, intricately designed accessories and ingenious building pieces that lets kids  easily create their play worlds.  .  . and imagine new ones!  With PLAYMOBIL, children can not only slip into many different roles, but also recreate and experience that play world in miniature.

SCOOBY-DOO! Mystery Machine (70286)

Time to solve some mysteries with the members of Mystery, Inc. in the SCOOBY-DOO! Mystery Machine™! This psychedelic vehicle always has everything you need for your ghost-hunting adventures.  Open the van’s rear doors to reveal an illuminated monitor, where you can insert your ghost cards to learn more about the mystery.  Discover more ghost cards in each of the SCOOBY-DOO! Mystery Figures (Series 1) (70288 – sold separately).  You also have your spyglass, a secret map that reveals the exact place you need to go, and Scooby Snacks™ – all essential for cracking the case. For even more fun, combine this set with the rest of the PLAYMOBIL SCOOBY-DOO! theme (#70286-70288 – sold separately)!  Set includes Fred™, Daphne™, Velma™, map, flashlight, spyglass, and other accessories.  

Available: January  Age: 5+   Retailer: Walmart (exclusive thru May 2020)   Retail Price: $49.99


Back to the Future DeLorean (#70317)

When teenager Marty McFly is blasted to 1955 in the DeLorean time machine created by the eccentric Doc Brown he finds himself mixed up in a time-shattering chain reaction that could vaporize his future – and leave him trapped in the past. Now you can climb in and travel through time with Marty in the DeLorean and experience his fantastic adventures, firsthand.  Based on the 1980s cult film trilogy, “Back to the Future,” this set includes Marty McFly and Dr. Emmett Brown in their 1985 outfits and Einstein the dog, as well as the legendary DeLorean DMC-12, equipped with a plutonium tank, flux capacitor, and dashboard time travel indicator. To switch to flight mode, all four wheels can be folded by 90 degrees.  Requires 2 x AAA batteries.  

Available: May   Age: 6+   Retailer:   Retail Price: $49.99

EverDreamerz Rosalee  (#70385)

Welcome to the magical world of EverDreamerz! Travel into exciting dream worlds with five best friends as they experience adventure, face their fears, and have lots of fun. Use the magical amulet to be transported into a dream world, unboxing seven fun surprises as you go! Open, discover, and collect!

Enjoy dessert with Rosalee, who has quite the sweet tooth. Thanks to her warm nature, she is always there for her friends and can be trusted to hold the group together. Open the magical amulet to reveal an exciting unboxing experience with seven fun surprises inside, including your very own bracelet and special candy charm!  When the magical adventure is over, store all the pieces back inside the box, for easy storage. Collect all five EverDreamerz sets (item # 70384-70388) for even more fun! Set includes Rosalee, silicone charm bracelet, candy charm, beads, trading card, stickers and many other accessories. 

Available: March   Age: 7+   Retailer:   Retail Price: $14.99

Novelmore Fortress (#70222)

Secure your kingdom from unwanted visitors with the Novelmore Fortress. This two-story fortress features a functioning catapult capable of defending the fortress from high above, a fiery crossbow ready to strike down enemies, and a functioning pulley to transport supplies. Equipped to handle even the sneakiest attacks, the knights can keep watch from the highest tower. For even more fun, combine this set with the rest of the PLAYMOBIL Novelmore theme (#70220-70229 – sold separately)  Set includes four figures, horse, wolf, ladder, armor, flag, and other accessories. 

Available: January  Age: 8+   Retailer:   Retail Price: $89.99

1.2.3 My First Train Set (#70179)

Choo Choo! All aboard the My First Train Set. With a bright and colorful design and large, rounded pieces, this PLAYMOBIL 1.2.3 set is ideal for toddlers.  Climb in the passenger car to take your seat, while the train attendant stores your luggage in the freight car. Easily travel along the track, crossing under the tunnel, and waving to the animals as you pass by. Watch for the railway signal, and be prepared to make a stop for pedestrians crossing the track. Set includes three adult figures, one child figure, train, railway, sheep, dog, flowers and other accessories. 

Available: now   Age: 18 months and up  Retailer:   Retail Price: $59.99

Magical Mermaid Cove with Illuminated Dome ( #70094)

Welcome to the Magical Mermaid Cove with Illuminated Dome! Feel right at home, as the mermaids swim around the coral pavilion, collecting pearls to keep the underwater mermaid world glowing. Watch as the coral dome lights up with magical colors when the mermaid Queen slides a pearl down the pearl track as the dolphins float nearby. Thanks to their movable fins, the mermaids are able to stand on the ocean floor or sit down and relax in their coral home, complete with pillows and sea algae columns that can hold pearls.  Expand your cove with the Beauty Salon with Jewel Case (70096 – sold separately) for even more magical fun, or build out an entire underwater kingdom with the rest of the PLAYMOBIL Magical Mermaids theme (#70094-70100 – sold separately)!  Set includes five figures, five collectible pearls, two dolphins, fish, seahorses, coral, algae scoops, and many other accessories. 3 x AAA batteries required. 

Available: January  Age: 4+   Retailer:   Retail Price: $64.99

Large Hospital (#70190)

The medical team is ready to handle any emergency at the Large Hospital. Upon arrival, check in at the front desk before heading in for any procedure.  The operating room is equipped with an illuminated wall monitor, swiveling surgical light and exam table so doctors can diagnose and treat patients. After their operation, patients are transported via the functioning elevator to the spacious recovery floor. Complete with a sink, toilet, and shower, the large bathroom is wheelchair accessible and has everything patients needs. Guests can visit recovering loved ones or wait in the waiting area for a health update from the doctor. Set includes four figures, hospital building, medical devices, rolling patient beds, furnishings for the patient room, medical charts, medical cart, IV pole, and many other accessories. Battery required for illuminating wall monitor (1 x AAA). 

Available: August Age: 4+   Retailer:   Retail Price: $149.99

RC Crane with Building Section (#70441)

Look up and watch the RC Crane with Building Section start construction on the site. This functioning crane can hoist heavy building materials up and down and rotate up to 360° to the accurate location for building to continue. The driver of the crane can see the whole construction site from the cabin. The RC function puts you in full control of the construction planning and building stages from a safe distance. Combine with the Cable Excavator with Building Section and Mini Excavator with Building Section (70442 & 70443 – sold separately) to complete a three-story building.  Add in the rest of the Construction theme (70441-70446) for even more fun!  Set includes two figures, RC compatible crane, RC remote, building materials, safety helmets and many other accessories. 

Available: August  Age: 5+   Retailer:   Retail Price: $99.99

Jumbo Advent Calendar – Family Christmas (#70383)

This super-sized Advent Calendar contains twenty-four surprise items for each day leading up to Christmas, revealing a full-size townhome complete with the decorations needed for the PLAYMOBIL family to celebrate the holidays!

Available: Now  Age: 4+   Retailer:   Retail Price: $49.99

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