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Shire Post Mint at NY Toy Fair 2020: Making Fantasy Currency

New York Toy Fair is an event that attracts thousand of people and hundreds of vendors. It’s a place for the toy industry (well, at least most of it) to showcase their upcoming product to retailers and other sellers. Toy companies are not the only showing their wares, though. Hobbies are also represented including collectibles. One of these hobbies is coin collecting, which brings us to Shire Post Mint.

Shire Post Mint makes coins that come from many places, such as Gondor and Rivendell. Or currency from House Targaryen or House Greyjoy. Or commemorative coins from the OSIRIS – REx space mission. The mint makes coins based on fantasy and science. 

The coins are produced like currency is made: a round form of metal is placed in a press where two dies (top and bottom) are pressed together, imprinting the pattern to the form. The dies are created at the mint by carving a reverse pattern into blank dies. BrickJournal was able to get some samples of their coins.

The end result is a small piece of art. Details can be seen in the coins, from the craters in the Harvest Moon Coin to the intricate tree branches on the back of Garth VII Gardener Goldenhand Coin. They look and feel like real currency and are weathered to add more authenticity. Reasonably priced, the coins can be used in gaming and also as gifts.

The company sells other small collectibles and can be found at

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